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BALTEAU is known for its unique, unequalled engineering and manufacturing of portable equipment for about 100 years. Since the introduction of the first gas insulated unit by Balteau in the late 50′s, BALTEAU has continuously been upgrading and improving its series of products.

The leadership is nowadays again confirmed with the BALTOSPOT series of product represented by a set of 7 different generators ranging from 160 to 300 kV, panoramic or directional.

No matter the application, the location or the environment, our generators are used extensively around the world by Service inspection companies or by Production plants


Assuredly the most advanced of all control units, the HAND-X is able to drive any of the BALTOSPOT generators. The HAND-X is a revolutionary wireless remote control which can operate a generator remotely from up to 100 m in open fields.

The purpose of this is certainly to gain freedom of moves in cluttered environment like shipyards of places where cables are at risk or never long enough because of mandatory twists and turns around existing infrastructures


Hand X Control Unit

 Specification \ Models GFD165 GFC165 GFC205 GFC305 CERAM 235 CERAM 35
 High Voltage Range kV 50 - 160 50 - 160 70 - 200 140 - 300 80 - 235 100 - 300
 Tube Current Range mA 1 - 5 1 - 5 1 - 5 1 - 5 1 - 5 1 - 5
 Beam Angle ( ˚ )



360 x 40


360 x 45


360 x 40






 Focal Spot Size (IEC336) mm2 1,5 x 1,5 4 x 0,9 5 x 1,2 5 x 1,3 2 x 2 2,5 x 2,5
 Duty Cycle % 100 100 100 100 100 100
 Max. Operation Temp. ( C˚ ) 70 70 70 70 70 70
 Weight Without Rings Kg 12 12,3 25,5 35 27 29
 Anode Cooling Type   Air Air Air Air Air Air
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The LLX160-DA is a high frequency constant potential Directional Air cooled, portable X-ray generator.

LLX is the latest result of 65 years of expertise of Balteau in portable units combined to 25 years of Constant Potential equipment manufacture. LLX is the answer to your requirements for field inspection especially where quality requirements and speed of inspection are essentials.

With a superior dose output for an equivalent kV setting, LLX has been engineered to be more compact and lightweight than its competitors. The specific shape given to the head of the generator makes it easier to use on field where space is always restricted for instance in aerospace applications.

LLX is controlled by a full digital control unit (DC1) using the energy saving concept of the BALTOSPOT series and our well known Hand X wireless remote control that is also available for your best safety.


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Mobile or Stationary High power DCHF Generators

These units are existing in Monopolar or Bipolar units. All units are modular and evaluative. Units are driven by the LS1 control unit and can use different tubes for different applications. All units are Constant potential using a very high switching frequency for a very low ripple. From 5kV to 450 kv, 0,1 to 40 mA these units are ideal for production or heavy load work
Balteau offers wide range of Mobile and Stationary Constant Potential X-Ray Generators. For more information please either contact us or Click Here.

Real Time Radiography (RTR) systems

Basically a BALTOMATIC is an enclosure in which any kind of our generators or detectors can be mounted. Shielding of enclosures and power supplies are all integrated according to the application to be fulfilled.
BALTEAU offers an extended range of products dedicated to the inspection of different kinds of Products. Automatic Inspection Systems (AIS) are existing for various industries; agriculture (seeds sorting, biology (cell irradiation), security, casting, foundry, training centers ...


Apart from standard RTR systems, Balteau is also able to offer customized systems for your specific needs. For more information please either contact us or Click Here.


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