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Calibration block 1 (EN12223) also known as IIW/V1/A2. A steel block for the calibration of ultrasonic flaw detection and inspection equipment used in material testing. Used for the calibration of shear and longitudinal transducers, determination of shear wave emission point, refracted angle. Also for measurement of sensitivity and resolution


Calibration block 2 (EN27963) also known as V2. For the ultrasonic examination of welds. To check angle and index point. Available in 12.5mm and 20mm thickness.


The following products available:

IOW A5 beam calibration blocks
A6 & A7 resolution blocks complying to BS2704
FB frequency block
VW step wedge 1-8mm
CBU universal calibration blocks (50mm radius)
CBM thickness & CBV velocity blocks
PW pipe step wedges 2-10mm
RTB radiuses calibration block for boiler tube probes
Aluminum V1 & V2 calibration blocks
ASME test blocks
EMAT calibration pipe step wedge

Other blocks available on request


Sonatest present a full range of stable gels specifically designed for ultrasonic inspection. Thixotropic properties provide excellent wetting and acoustic transmission. The Sonagel range is non-corrosive to metals, non-toxic and safe to the user and the environment




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